Welcome to JollofNinja

We are an online marketplace for West African cuisine, making it easy and secure to order and pay for delicious dishes from restaurants and caterers across the United Kingdom.

JollofNinja started as a personal brand of our founder, Demi Ademuyewo, in 2012.

It has grown over the years into a company committed to spreading the joy of West African cuisine to all.

Our goal is to provide customers with various local choices of West African dishes, and enable our community of West African business partners expand and grow in a sustainable way.

  • JollofNinja Customers

We make it easy for our customers to find and order spicy & delicious meals which fill them with warmth and joy. Don't worry if you are craving Kelewele with a side of Moin-Moin and a bowl of Yassa, our customers can get all of that in one place with ease! 

  • JollofNinja Business Partners

As a partner, West African food businesses gain instant access to our specific customer base, reduced marketing overheads and valued market insights. We charge minimal joining fees and commission in comparison to other online portals ensuring our partners can sustainably grow and expand for years to come. All businesses on our platform are registered in the UK with a minimum rating of 3 by the Food Standard Agency or recognised equivalent.

  • JollofNinja Team

We are a team united in values and vision. We are constantly striving to recruit the best people for the job while maintaining a fun, diverse and inclusive environment for all our people. The team is constantly on hand to provide assistance for orders and recommendations.